Virtual Summer Camp 2020

In an effort to keep kids creating, expressing, and connecting during this difficult time, InspireCorps is moving our summer camp online for the 2020 season with engaging Zoom classes designed for ages 7-13. 


InspireCorps Summer Camp gives kids the opportunity to work with teaching artists whose workshops focus on emotional well-being through the outlets of art, music, movement,food and travel! Each two-week session draws on the expertise of our team and gives kids healthy and creative coping mechanisms for dealing with uncertainty and isolation. 


This is a great opportunity to give kids some structure for the upcoming summer. How are your kids feeling? Do they open up about how they feel? We invite them to come and express themselves with us!

Real Connections: Mindful Writing Workshop

Connect to yourself and others through Real Connections Mindful Writing. This group was created to offer a relaxed safe space for naming and expressing emotion through thoughtful meditation, movement and writing. Getting in tune with yourself, understanding what comes up, and learning to focus on the positive is crucial for your mental and physical health. So join us for group sessions on Zoom, and inquire about private sessions with founder Steph Thompson.

Get in Tune: Harmony Training



1. To ‘enter a state in which people agree with or understand one another. 2. To ‘enter a state of harmony.’

InspireCorps founder Steph Thompson mixes percussion, discussion, movement, and arts to give people the opportunity to practice harmony.

Social and emotional learning has never been so fun! Engaging in musical dialogue about how we feel makes the conversation so much easier. Let the emotions flow!

Current Get in Tune Workshops:

  • YouthQuake Teen Leader Training, Mondays at 3:00pm

  • CAMBA Opportunity House Mens Shelter, Wednesdays at 3:00pm


Building Community Through the Arts

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