Fabian Almazan 



“I wished when I was a kid, there were adults talking to us about the possibilities we had...”


- Fabian Almazan, pianist and composer on why he came to PS 81 to play from his new album, Alcanza. Alcanza speaks to the idea that “we must reach for the unreachable.” 



When I saw young Cuban-born Fabian Almazan play his jazz compositions at the Jazz Standard in March of 2014, I was so inspired that I reached out to him immediately to see how we could get him involved in InspireCorps. He was busy on tour, writing scores for directors like Spike Lee and George Lucas, but my entreaty stuck and he sent me an email this summer. He had been thinking of my request, and had won a grant from Chamber Music America to do a workshop in education. Dream come true, Mr. Almazan and his Rhizome ensemble came to PS81 Friday, September 30th, 2016! 

Fabian Almazan's performance was made possible by Chamber Music America


Rhizome includes:


Noah Hoffeld * cello

Megan Gould * violin 1

Camila Meza * guitar & voice

Linda Oh * bassist

Tomoko Omura * violin 2

Enoch (E.J.) Strickland * drums

Karen Waltuch * viola


​If you and everyone who watched this video gave even $5, imagine what inspirational opportunities these kids could have?

Of course, even more could help us bring EVEN MORE inspiration!

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